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Emil Nolde

For the whole of his long life Emil Nolde, the leading German Expressionist, luxuriated in color. Before the First World War in Berlin he made many paintings of the theater, music-hall and opera; he loved flowers and even coaxed a garden out of the salty soil of the Baltic coast, where he had built himself an isolated house. His parents were Frisian peasants and he loved the landscape of North Friesland: it was the theme of many of his pictures. But the Nazis disapproved of his work and finally forbade him to paint at all. Although Nolde was already in his seventies when this happened, no political regime could stifle his vision. At great danger to himself he continued to work, making watercolor sketches the size of postcards, which he called `unpainted pictures,' meaning them to serve as sketches for the large oils he would paint when he was free. And he did outlive the Nazi regime, marrying a twenty-eight-year-old woman in 1948 and painting up until the year before he died.

`... enables the eye to recognize the mystic glow and the structure of painting and form through very careful camera work' German Center for Film Classification

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Emil Nolde Breaker

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Credits Director
Friedhelm Heyde

Dr Martin Urban

Original music
Joachim Ludwig


Highly Commended, German Center for Film Classification
Quality Award, German Government
12 minutes
Recommended audience age range 14-adult

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